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The best ‘tween’ resorts in the world

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Riding the rapids: Whitewater BC. Pic: Whitewater Facebook

The biggest and most popular ski resorts in the world didn’t get there by accident. Amazing alps and reliable snow sure help, but serious infrastructure and marketing are just as big a part of the pie.

While it’s nice to sit in the latest gondola, dine at the finest on-mountain restaurant and tuck into bed at a five-star hotel there’s often a flipside to the largess: namely crowds, costs and competition for first tracks.

Solution? The tween resort.

Not something Nick Kyrgios does between his legs (did I just say that?) – they are ski areas in between. Affordable and not too big. Yet they are not too small that you can’t spend a week there.

Following are my favourite ‘tween’ resorts in Japan, Europe, the US and Canada. What’s yours?


This Jarryd’s got some game too

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Jarryd Hughes

With Lindsay Jacobellis – a lazy ten-times X Games gold medal winner for the US. Pic: Jarryd Hughes Facebook

There’s another Jarryd who’s made it in America. He didn’t try out for the Fijian rugby sevens team though and he’s a much better chance than the Hayne Plane of winning an Olympic medal.

Forget footy for just for a moment and start thinking snowboarding.

Jarryd Hughes may not be a multi-code football star but he is an X Games winner in snowboard cross, a World Cup winner and Australian Winter Olympian.

In what was looming as an epic season after the win in Aspen, Jarryd (that’s Hughes not Hayne folks) busted his knee when testing out the site for the Korean Olympic course. The Snow Gauge caught up with him to see where things were at.


Win this Tom Tom Bandit action camera!

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Tom Tom Bandit

We’ve had some great giveaways over the past two and a bit months but this week we really do have a beauty.

It’s a sweet Tom Tom Bandit action camera – perfect for capturing video and stills at the snow.

It’s a serious unit – but also seriously easy to use. So subscribe this week for you chance to win and read a little more about the Bandit …


Two metre season or spring fizzer?

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snow measure

The Snow Gauge loves a good snow gauge

Two metres. It’s the mythical mark.The line in the snow that seemingly defines an average or sub par season from a good one. Or perhaps a great one.

Measured from the Spencers Creek site in the Kosciuszko National Park at 1830m, the weekly reading has since been a staple since 1954.

Does two metres ski any different to 199cm or 201cm? Well, of course not. But it still remains the marker that’s embedded in many an Aussie skier and snowboarder’s brain.

Can we reach it in 2016 or is the recent warmer weather an auger for a sharp ending. Well …


Cracking giveaway thanks to Decathlon

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With the Olympics on right now you’d have to say it is quite appropriate to be giving something away from Decathlon this week.

They’ve kindly provided us a lightweight down jacket, fleece and waterproof boots in a great pack – and what’s more they’ve doubled up with one each for both men and women!

Haven’t heard of Decathlon? Well we suspect you’re just about to …


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