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7 things learned from the opening weekend

Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in Australia, New Zealand | 0 comments

1. Thank God for snowmaking!

Thredbo Snowmaking

Snowmaking: Unsurprisingly again set to play a key role in the Southern Hemisphere season. Pic: Thredbo Resort

2. Do we need to reconsider the opening weekend based on conditions?

Plenty of resorts around the world only turn the lifts when there’s enough snow. In Australia we’re slavishly locked into the June long weekend. Worth it just for the party or do you baulk at having to pay serious coin for a day pass for very limited riding?

Thredbo Alpine Resort

Party time at Thredbo. Enough to constitute an opening weekend? Pic: Thredbo Resort

3. It’s early days.

Obvious but the need for things in life to be amazing or rubbish and not much in between nowadays either has people hyper or baying for blood. There’s been plenty of good seasons come out of slow starts so let’s just wait and see.

4. There’ll be the precipitation we need eventually this winter.

The likes of Jane Bunn, Fairfax, Mountainwatch’s Grasshopper and The Frog at Snowatch have already alluded to it but it sounds as though there’s going to be some more wet goodness about. Fingers crossed it’s cold enough for these storms to drop white not clear snow.

5. How good are parks and pipes?

It surprised me just how many of the opening shots on social media in the southern hemisphere showed action from them (limited in operation they have may have been or with people building the odd kicker around the place) With our sometimes fickle conditions in Oz and NZ it’s a no brainer to continue investing heavily in them.


Richie Johnston going head over heels at Cardrona on the opening day. Pic: @360qw

6.  A metre of snow can go pretty quick without any other base

NZ may have been dumped on (and still had the better conditions for this weekend in Australasia) but after wet and warmth it wasn’t quite what it was a week ago. Good news is it got propped up by some more snow in a number of places on Sunday

7.  Chile is still where it’s at right now.

Hold some snow for me in August eh!


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