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Party like it’s 1992: a 3 metre base awaits!

Posted by on Sep 1, 2017 in Australia | 1 comment


The last time we hit 3m in Australia Right Said Fred were topping the charts with ‘I’m Too Sexy’. Bless.

It’s rarer than a Melbourne premiership, a Wallabies win over the All Blacks and a funny Adam Sandler movie.

Don’t know what I am talking about? It’s a three-metre base of snow in Australia – something that hasn’t happened in a quarter of a century.

But, if the stars and Snow Gods align, it just might do it this season.

After a rough start this has come about rather suddenly but the weather pundits are predicting enough snow in the next two weeks to make this happen.

The Frog over at Snowatch has gone for up to 120cm through until September 14. Jane Bunn is dialing in 150cm – and that is only through until Saturday September 9.

With the current Spencers Creek reading at 189cm that leaves the door open to crack the rarest of beasts in the Australian ski industry – a three metre base!

While there may be a little pre-frontal from the first storm the predictions are for a sustained colder period which should hopefully mean the typical spring loss won’t start for a little while yet.


Perisher is extending the season to October 8. Choice.

Now, some background and perspective on where this season will sit if it cracks 300cm.

Do you know how many times that magical amount snow has been recorded at Spencer’s Creek since records started getting taken in 1954?

Just five times.

The 3m field is led by epic the ’81 season where the chart peaked at 361cm on September 2. It is followed by ’64 (356cm on August 12); ’92 (316cm on September 18); ’56 (313cm on September 8) and ’68 (307cm on October 5).

There’s a history of our very best seasons not hitting peak base until the September storms roll through and this is certainly looking like another of those occasions.

I’m old enough to remember what ’92 was like. I hit Thredbo on the weekend before the NRL grand final and it was insanely good. I fondly recall obliviously dangling my legs off the Snowgums chairlift only to have a ski eject because of the depth of snow just before exiting.

Fun times ensued as I tried to signal the liftie to explain what had happened.

I reckon that we may not see the decent snowbanks that were around in Thredbo Village at that time (there’s no question in my mind the snow level is rising) but if this comes off it is going to make for an epic finish to the season. (Perisher has already extended to October 8 if you weren’t aware).

Even if it doesn’t make the 3m base, it sure sounds like it will get real close – no bad thing in these uncertain weather times.

And if it does – who knows what Melbourne will do in 2018 and the Wallabies when they play NZ on October 21.  As for Adam Sandler, I’m backing that he’ll do something mildly amusing when we hit four metres …



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  1. Wallabies beat the All Blecks in Sydney in Aug 2015, that’s just on 2 years ago. Not that long ago !!!!

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