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Want to buy a Jindabyne icon for $1.6m?

Posted by on May 27, 2016 in Australia | 0 comments

The Brumby Bar

Jindabyne’s iconic Brumby Bar and Bistro. (All pics: Nick Kirshner Property and Livestock)

What’s your favourite story from the Brumby Bar and at Jindabyne? Mine is a simple one of lining up to get in:

“Sir – you must be dining or have the intention to dine.

I have plenty of memories from Jindabyne’s favourite haunt – which is now up for sale at a lazy $1.6 million – but for some reason this sticks in my head the most.

Back in the day when NSW had some rather dumb licensing laws (has anything really changed, and yeah I’m looking at you Premier Mike Baird),  you just couldn’t get into the Brumby Bar at night without this little song and dance at the front.

There you’d be in the queue to get in, freezing your knackers or whatever other bits you owned off, and you’d have to go along with this charade of getting something to eat.

The doormen I do seem to recall were quite reasonable and friendly about it (clearly John Hopoate wasn’t on the door). I guess it is pretty hard to police intentions (though being NSW don’t rule it out being legislated soon) and they were generally happy enough for you to spot for a piece of garlic bread.

The Brumby

The Brumby dance floor. Pretty much a straight cross between Cochella and The Establishment really.

I’ll always have a soft spot for The Brumby. It’s not 1860s cool, say like the Cardrona Hotel. And it is probably the kind of place that would make Justin Hemmes shed a tear on his double-braised Wagyu Beef slider and Rushcutters Bay triple-hopped IPA. But I like it. Old school , unpretentious and always with that nostalgic whiff of 70s and 80s Aussie ski culture in the heart of Jindabyne.

I fondly recall it being the precursor to many a drunken fumbling on the way back to Kirwin Apartments at Jindabyne circa mid-1990s.

And then there was even that time I wrote off a car on the Alpine Way and got a lift back to the Brumby Bar’s attached accommodation (Alpine Gables). There I had to explain to a mate that I rather urgently needed his help (I by all rights should have died but walked away with a fractured hand). It took me 20 minutes after waking him up to convince him that I wasn’t having a lend of him.

The Brumby

Oh what a feeling – there’s skis on the ceiling!

Anyway, 28 years after it was last put up for sale it is on the market again. So if you’re up for it here is the sale link again.

Who knows – it may stay the way it is – but then again it may not – so you probably better get in there and have a beer just in (geddit?) case Hemmes buys it!



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