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The $4000 jacket ‘everyone will be wearing this winter’

Posted by on Jun 8, 2018 in Australia, Gear | 1 comment


I couldn’t help but choke on my cornflakes when I saw the ‘story’.

Appearing in the venerable Fairfax mastheads of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, the headline drew me in: ‘The Aussie brand everyone will be wearing this winter’.

Everyone eh. Go on, tell me more.

“Templa crosses the boundary of gritty urban wearability with ski slope luxury”.

Hmmm, sounds like a bit of a wank, but tell ’em the price son.

Ummm, $4,000 for that leather puffer. Oh and it gets better …

There’s $460 sweatshirts, puffer vests for $3150, $1250 cargos and the below left over from the New Romantic period at just $2350!


Psst … Human League’s lead singer wants his jacket back.

I wondered whether in fact it was a misprint and the brand was Tesla not Templa and their jackets could independently whisk you from point to point and be recharged.

Turns out that wasn’t the case but the scribe (yes, people put their names to such tosh) suggested my thinking wasn’t actually all that far from the mark.

“Templa’s minimalist luxury pieces are inspired by architecture, car interiors and technical watch design– their puffers lean on a slope heavy aesthetic that reminds of brutalist curves and sedated on a New York state of mind.”

Yep, that’s exactly what I’m missing when I look at the black puffer jacket in my wardrobe. That North Face one circa 2006. A tenth of the cost and 12 years later it still functions.

I guess my understanding of haute couture is right on par with my understanding molecular biology.

And yeah, I know I’ve had a dig at Aldi – not for the gear itself but the manner in which they conduct their sales. This is just capitalist stupidity at the opposite end of the scale.

Cargo pants

People that buy $US950 ‘argo’ pants deserve to have their shoe laces tied together.

I guess the fact that it appears in the ‘Executive Style’ section is probabaly a giveaway but as some of the gear costs more than staying on snow during August (close run, granted) I’m not sure that “everybody” will be wearing, good people of Templa.

I’ve got a mate that wears an old and pretty shit red jacket when he goes skiing. I laugh and give him a hard time but when he wears it. Truth is he carries it off far better than some wanker with a midpoint glare that’s asking you to be fleeced more than average person’s monthly take home pay to wear his car/architecture/watch/ski/New York styled jacket.

I’ll leave the final word on high fashion absurdity to Flight of the Conchords.


1 Comment

  1. Yeah, I don’t know. Why put people down who like fashion and have a ton of money to spend on it? I’d never aspire to a $4,000.00 leather ski jacket, but the lift lines would be less interesting if everbody wore the same thing. Calling people who dress different than you “wankers” is pretty narrow minded in my opinion. Seems like a cheap shot. (pardon the pun)

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