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The Aldi Effect

Posted by on May 17, 2015 in Australia | 0 comments

Not for Archive. Images supplied specifically for Austria related stories by Glenn Cullen only. Any other use will incur charges. Innsbruck, Austria Photo by Steve Cuff

I no longer laugh at things like this. As much. Photo: Steve Cuff

Between the ages of 15-22 I pretty-well peaked In the arse-hattery stakes.

Snide and cocksure despite my tender years, I was quick with nasty jibes.

When down at our ski fields, that extended to people’s choice of clothing; from the jeans and spray jacket  combo, to the gaper gap and monoboards – I was an arbiter of good taste on the slopes.

While some would argue I am only marginally less of an arse-hat now, my smug stance, thank God, has changed.

I call it the Aldi effect.

Heading to my local store on their snow gear sale day on Saturday I concluded unequivocally that this was a good thing for the industry.

I had over the years glazed over their range casually but a more in depth look today really hit home what value their was.

Forty dollar ski pants, $100 2 in 1 jackets, $10 gloves, $12 fleeces and the list went on.

This isn’t Bogner but the quality for the price is remarkable and for the equivalent of a couple of weeks’ hire you’ll have paid for your purchase.

What also encouraged was just how busy it was. While all of these people may not have been purchasing specifically for a trip to the Australian snow fields I’ll wager that plenty were.

I picked up a $60 jacket for my son and a packet of breath mints for myself (No one walks away empty handed from Aldi).

The crowds – and there was quite the crowd – was generally good natured despite the free for all nature of Aldi’s rather random shelving techniques which was more rummage sale than supermarket.

In fact it only got violent at the checkout queue when, I kid you not, a middle aged woman attempted to ram another man’s trolly out of the way, flung out a few racist epithets and then was quite surprised when the man told her to f— off. The manager was called and the imbroglio continued as I left the store with my jacket and mints.

Not being the sharpest tool in the shed, I didn’t capture any of this indignity on video but sources told me it ended up a little like this:



So I think the conclusion is this: Aldi, while on occasion driving people to the brink of violence, does cheap, seemingly reasonably well-put-together ski and snowboard gear that encourages people to go to the snow. And that’s a win in my books.


The Aldi Effect in practise

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