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Vietjet Air – never again!

Posted by on Feb 7, 2017 in Australia, World | 0 comments


VietJet Air “Customer Services” – bit of a stretch …

The inclusion of a middle name in my booking made VietJet Air cancel my purchased ticket without refund and issue it again at more than double the price. Are airlines so hungry for profit and hitting people up with ancillary charges that common sense and customer service go out the window?

Skiers and snowboarders don’t always make the simplest of travellers.

We have a lot of gear and there is frequently confusion about how much extra any airline will charge on any given day for carrying our planks, boots and invariably heavy winter gear with us on a flight.

I always thought my worst experience would be related to such a situation.

How wrong I was.

I’ve just had the single most infuriating airline experience in my 30 years of travel with South East Asian carrier VietJet Air. The airline cancelled my daughter’s paid ticket – and then re-issued it at around 2.5 times the original price – for using her middle name in the booking!

VietJet is a popular discount carrier throughout south-east Asia, the equivalent of JetStar in Autralia, WestJet in America or EasyJet in Europe.

When making the booking for four people I filled the form out as per below.

VietJet Air

Vietjet booking form – filled out as requested

Because it asked for it, I included everyone’s middle name.

On my daughter’s new passport her middle name is not listed – something I didn’t consider to be a big deal.

VietJet Air thought it was a huge deal.

So much so that they would not accept the booking for her when I arrived at the check-in counter in Bangkok.

Staff were happy to concede that it  was her in the passport and it was indeed her christian and surname – but despite all kinds of arguing and pleas for common sense would not accept the original booking because it contained her middle name.

Two staff members were quite happy to allow all this to play out while other people lined up to be served.

Growing increasingly agitated and aware that the clock was ticking I asked them what was the solution to the problem was.

Re-book the ticket now they said. At, as it turns out, about 2.5 times the original cost (with no refund on the first booking).

As it drew closer to missing the flight to Chiang Mai I was left with little choice. And of course it had to be paid in cash!


VietJet was given a bollocking in 2014 for using bikini girls to promote the airline

So we where left scrambling to basically provide almost all the remaining cash we had on us to cover the flight.

The whole incident left myself and family quite upset and frustrated with VietJet.

A review of the actual booking form shows it does not state anywhere that the name needs to be inline with the passport but simply asks for the name.

Further follow-up with customer service has got me nowhere so it looks like I’ll be writing off a few hundred dollars there.

The money doesn’t hugely concern me but it’s just frustrating that some common sense couldn’t be applied to the situation.

Vietjet Air – never again!



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