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XTM kids’ gear giveaway!

Posted by on Jun 30, 2017

xtm kids

It’s school holidays, so with the help of our friends at XTM, we’re (cue Robbie and Kylie) doin’ it for the kids.

It’s a real pleasure to be able to give away a full kit worth $400 for your little or not so little one. As long as they wear kids sizes we’ll get your boy or girl covered from top to bottom!

The goods are great (read on for a little more detail) but the fact it’s direct from an Aussie company should make you feel warm and fuzzier still.

And not just any Australian company but one that has a significant track record in helping our athletes, the environment and those less fortunate than most of us who get to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

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Time to get a snow tattoo. Or not!

Posted by on Nov 2, 2016

snowboard tattoo

Women: Increasingly likely to snowboard naked

Why put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?

That’s my general opinion when it comes to the tattoo.

Plenty of people who are “making a statement” disagree with me; so perhaps I’m missing out on something.

As I love skiing and if I was to “get some ink” (do the kids even still say this?) as part of a midlife crisis it would make sense to get something snow-related. So I’ve done some research.

I’ve found the best and worst snow tattoos and rated them accordingly, just in case.

Meantime, sharpen your needles local tattoo parlour, when I feel the need to “express my individuality” by doing something 38.5 per cent of the 18-40 year-old western population has got done, I’m coming your way …

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