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Win this Tom Tom Bandit action camera!

Posted by on Aug 15, 2016 in Giveaway | 1 comment

Tom Tom Bandit

We’ve had some great giveaways over the past two and a bit months but this week we really do have a beauty.

It’s a sweet Tom Tom Bandit action camera – perfect for capturing video and stills at the snow.

It’s a serious unit – but also seriously easy to use. So subscribe this week for you chance to win and read a little more about the Bandit …


The first thing you’ll notice about the Bandit is how robust it is. Not much point filming action sports with something that is cheap and is going to break so a big tick there.

Then there’s the 4k Ultra HD video resolution and 16MP photo capability. Happy with that.

And with over three hours of non-stop HD filming you get enough juice to ensure you can spend a full day filming – good one.

There’s some other innovative stuff too: like built-in motion sensors automatically identify a highlight when you’ve made a big move, increase your speed, or pulled a major stunt.

But for mine there are a couple of big drawcards. One is that the Bandit app (which is available on IOS as well and Google Play) lets you edit hours of action camera footage into an a great video within minutes – without having to download any of the footage first! It will pick out shots and with the shake of your phone it will make the edits for you.That way you save time, and memory on your devices.

The other is the built in USB which means no cables – handy when you lose or fray them all the time like me.

Check out the full specs here and don’t forget to subscribe to win!







1 Comment

  1. I am a fat old ski bum mutha and I need this to stick it to my smart arse sons !

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