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Ski Aspen @Hotham: the best (long) ski weekend this season!

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in Australia, Sponsored | 0 comments

Mt Hotham

Sweet colours and sweet skiing at Mt Hotham. Pic: Mark Tsukasov

Skiing. Learning. Living it up a little or chilling out as the mood suits. They’re all fundamentals of the Ski Aspen experience which is coming to Mt Hotham from August 25-28.

Here’s your chance to join them for three days of instruction, apres and a slice of Aspen down under for as little as $600.


Skiing is a weird sport. The experience is all about what the individual feels yet it’s usually best enjoyed in groups. You head out as a pack but then frequently splinter; and besides, everyone understands there are no friends on a powder day, don’t they? The weird yin-yang thing continues into après. One night you’re dancing on the table and partying into the small hours. The next your legs are screaming blue murder and telling you a fireside night away from the hordes and an early bed time are the way to go.

Ski Aspen owner Nick Farr gets it. Having operated tours to Colorado’s finest since 1995, he understands the dynamic of a great ski trip means great individual options. Now Mt Hotham is getting it too.

The experience that thousands of Ski Aspen clients have been enjoying for two decades will come to Mt Hotham from August 25-28. It’s three days of getting the most out of your skiing on some of the country’s best terrain. With some bumper July snowfalls now’s the time to SkiAspen @Hotham.

Mt Hotham

“No Dan, I’m not ready for apres yet as it turns out …”

So, what’s the deal and what’s it all about?

Glad you asked.

Ski Aspen @Hotham’s ski improvement course is a three-day program that utilises some of the best Hotham instructors who’ve been riding with the Ski Aspen team in Colorado for years. They know both Hotham and Aspen’s mountains and towns like the back of their hands and will help people reach the next level in their skiing.

The Ski Aspen philosophy on the slopes is like their après one: it’s your call on how hard you want to go. Their experienced instructors can give you plenty of technical advice, you may prefer a guide who’ll simply show you round the best spots on the hill or perhaps you’d like a combination of the two. Ski Aspen’s small and flexible skier groups allow all the options to be covered so that you get the experience best in line with your expectations. It’s the Ski Aspen difference.

On Saturday and Sunday there’ll also be the opportunity to get first tracks from 7.30am – the perfect opportunity to potentially get some powder before anyone else or lay down some sweet corduroy turns.

Check out a full itinerary

Mt Hotham

Three days of this -probably not so hard to handle.

Party, relax or a bit of both: your call

It’s understanding skiers’ needs on and off the slopes that sets Ski Aspen apart. Some of their shindigs in Aspen are the stuff of legend but Nick knows everyone is different or may have different needs on different days.

“We create an atmosphere where you can engage as much or as little as you like with a wide range of fellow skiers,” says Nick. “I think that having instant access to a network of fun, like-minded people who love to ski is a really important part of our Aspen packages – and so we’re bringing them to Hotham for people to come and see first-hand what we’re all about.”

On Friday August 26 Ski Aspen @Hotham will be shouting some drinks and nibbles at the fabled Zirkys – a standard Hotham tradition for many skiers. Then after Saturday’s skiing it’s the big one – Ski Aspen @Hotham will take over the Joyce Brockoff Hut. There’ll be free drinks, food and a DJ to get the place rocking. You can find out a little bit more about Hotham and riding in Aspen with Ski Aspen too!

Mt Hotham

You may have noticed it’s been snowing at Mt Hotham …

Tell ‘em the price, son (and inclusions)

Ski Aspen have created a Hotham package that people can build themselves. It’s of course open to those who need accommodation and lift tickets but equally those already booked into a Mt Hotham or Falls Creek holiday and season pass holders. You’ll only pay for what you need.

The base rate (if you have accommodation and lift passes) is $600. Need a place to stay and/or a range of lift ticket options? Check out the special rates. Book your own accommodation or contact Hotham Holidays and mention you’re with Ski Aspen for a 10% discount.

With Ski Aspen’s flexible set up the trip is equally do-able for singles, couples (yep, even of mixed abilities) and groups. Ski Aspen @Hotham: the best (long) ski weekend this season!

If you’ve travelled with Ski Aspen before it is a great excuse to come along, catch up with fellow Ski Aspen-ites and ski with our whole team. If you haven’t it’s an even better excuse to make some new friends, enjoy some primo skiing and enjoy the best (long) weekend of the Australian season!


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