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Win REX flights to Albury, Cooma!

Posted by on Jun 15, 2017


It’s usually just outside Canberra on the way back from a two or three day trip to the snow that I ask myself the question: why didn’t I fly?

While I have done more than my share of road trips to both the NSW Snowy Mountains and Victorian Alps from Sydney there is something about flying that sits rather nicely with me.

It’s something to do with not feeling exhausted (there or on the way back), cutting a good chunk out of your travel time and not having to deal with thousands of people in their cars who have exactly the same idea of having a cheeky few days down the snow.

In celebration of such things our good friends at Regional Expresss (REX) have ponied up with four return airfares – two each from Sydney to Cooma and another two from Melbourne to Albury!

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Anatomy of a perfect storm

Posted by on Jul 13, 2016


There may have been bigger storms but the consensus is that there haven’t been too many drier.

When it snows in parts of Canberra and Goulburn, NSW and Woodend, Lancefiled and Gippsland in Victoria – that generally only means epicness in the alps.

There were reports of up to 85cm in 24 hours and while some are scoffing in their windblown Weaties, we speak to those who were there for the rundown on a dump to remember.

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Snow Porn: The best shots of June 24

Posted by on Jun 24, 2016


To me the marker of a great snow storm in Australia is what happens in Thredbo Village.

Located at 1365 metres, it’a a bit below the recognised level where snow regularly settles these days in Australia.

So when you’ve picked up 20cm there you know it’s on! That was the marker this morning with an estimated three times that amount up top with about 40cms at Antons. Wow.

And there was certainly no shortage elsewhere either.

Perisher was calling 40cm of snow in 24 hours by early in the morning with more coming down during the day.

Across the border Mt Hotham picked up and even 24cm in 24 hours while Falls Creek did the same.

Even Mt Buller got a decent drop – about 10cm overnight to give them an average base of about 30cm.

The great news is it has been cold – temperatures in the high alpine struggling to get past about -5 all day with wind chill making it feel like about -15c.

While the snow switch gets flicked off tomorrow the suggestion from the likes of Snowatch is it will remain cold through until next Thursday where another front could drop a further foot over three days.

Safe to say the season has started folks!

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Five epic Aussie snow dumps

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016

Falls Creek

Epic Falls (see what I did there). Chris Hocking captures it superbly at Falls Creek. Pic: Falls Creek Facebook.

I’ve found the only true way to prepare for a pending snow storm is to crack open a beer and fondly recall epic dumps of season’s past.

Here are five of the best:

1. 2014: June 21


Early renditions of the Opal card were considered useless. Pic: Perisher Facebook

There was the usual June tetchiness. Of course there was. Then there was a little scuttlebutt that something was a’brewin’ not that long after the traditionally barren opening weekend. By Saturday June 21 it had arrived.

Four days later News Corp journalists were inventing new words as a once in a century June storm left around 120cm at the top of Perisher.

Snowmageddon, snownado, megablizzard, snowpocalypse – call it what you will but it was something else.

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