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Snow Porn: The best shots of June 24

Posted by on Jun 24, 2016


To me the marker of a great snow storm in Australia is what happens in Thredbo Village.

Located at 1365 metres, it’a a bit below the recognised level where snow regularly settles these days in Australia.

So when you’ve picked up 20cm there you know it’s on! That was the marker this morning with an estimated three times that amount up top with about 40cms at Antons. Wow.

And there was certainly no shortage elsewhere either.

Perisher was calling 40cm of snow in 24 hours by early in the morning with more coming down during the day.

Across the border Mt Hotham picked up and even 24cm in 24 hours while Falls Creek did the same.

Even Mt Buller got a decent drop – about 10cm overnight to give them an average base of about 30cm.

The great news is it has been cold – temperatures in the high alpine struggling to get past about -5 all day with wind chill making it feel like about -15c.

While the snow switch gets flicked off tomorrow the suggestion from the likes of Snowatch is it will remain cold through until next Thursday where another front could drop a further foot over three days.

Safe to say the season has started folks!

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Aussie winter sports’ $10m game changer

Posted by on Jun 1, 2016

Lydia Lassila

A water ramp facility in Lennox Head may see the return of four-time Winter Olympian Lydia Lassila

Key points:

  • A final decision will be handed down on the proposed Lennox Head water ramp facility at the NSW state budget on June 21
  • The facility would be a first in Australia and allow athletes to spend a significant portion of their year training domestically
  • The new pool would and certain facilities would be available for public use
  • It has potential to pave the way for the return of an on-snow aerials site at Mt Buller and a World Cup round.

It’s been almost a decade at the discussion table in one form or another but there’s cause for optimism that a new water jump facility for Australian winter athletes will be approved to be built at Lennox Head, this month.

The $10 million facility on the NSW north coast is thought to be earmarked for approval when the state budget is handed down on June 21.

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Ski pass hack: Aussie resort prices unravelled

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016


The Snow Gauge explains:

  • The key base prices across resorts in a table
  • The word on season passes, right now
  • Why one resort has a big spring advantage

So, all ski resort prices in Australia are pretty much the same, right? Well, ummm, not quite.

Ok, if you bowl up for a day, on the day, you’re not going to notice too much difference at the five majors.

But I actually discovered some not insignificant price variations on a range of products as you’ll see overleaf.

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Cheapskate’s guide to the snow on a whim

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015

It should come as little surprise to you that ski resorts will happily take as much of your money as they can get – and the earlier the better.

They’ll do you a good deal on a season pass if you buy in advance (I would argue too far in advance when it comes to Hotham/Falls where the pass more than doubles in price if you didn’t get it by the end of the previous season) and pre/early season accommodation deals abound.

But when it comes to fate’s fickle hand, snow holidays can be crueler than most leisure activities. Book in the first week of July in 2014? You were laughing – weren’t you? Riding top to bottom at Thredbo with a cheese-eating grin, not thinking about the wads of cash you were spending because the conditions were so good. Book for the first week of July in 2015? You’d be kicking stones, the cat and anything else you could wrap your Dalbellos around. Just to rub it in the snow came by the bucket load when you returned.

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A great start!

Posted by on Jun 5, 2015

Nice to see some natural snow to work with on the opening day of the Australian ski season!

A great sunny day and some nice cruising to be had to get the legs going again.

A big shout out to Mt Buller for offering free riding today – in a sometimes expensive past time this is a nice touch for customers.

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