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Can BC’s Powder Highway take on Vail?

Posted by on Mar 30, 2017

Powder Highway

Capturing some late season pow this week with Big Red Cats in Rossland. Pic: Jess Bonde.

To me it seems logical.

A pass that encapsulates the best of British Columbia’s interior, all on the one ticket.

The Powder Highway: the sweep of terrain that loops around the Kootenay Rockies like a roughly-hewn lasso and includes eight ski resorts, 14 snowcat operations and another 11 heli-ski outfits in British Columbia.

But can they take on the Vail behemoth with an all-areas pass?

It’s a question that’s on my mind as I make why through the heartland of BC and I’ve already got an interesting answer or two …

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The five best mountain towns in Canada (it’s time to move)

Posted by on Nov 10, 2016


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Fernie and president elect Donald Trump. Hmmm, what was that Meatloaf song again?

Hate your future president? Too hot where you live? Not enough mountains? There’s a one word solution for you: Canada.

The Snow Gauge has handpicked the five best ski towns in the land for you to relocate. I’ve even managed to check out the real estate and have marked them on the infalible ‘Trudeau Rating Scale’.

So just as soon as the Canadian Immigration website gets back online you can put your application in …

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In praise of the little ski resort

Posted by on Dec 31, 2015

When it comes to choosing your next ski or snowboard destination big must mean better, right? For many people with limited funds and time there’s a natural inclination to seek out the larger resorts.

You know the ones. They like to flop their stats around like they’re packing a ski stock in their trousers. There’s a knee trembling 1300 metre vertical drop, 126 restaurants and bars within five minutes of your condo and enough lifts to send Schindler out of business.

And that’s all well and good – to a point. But as the years chip away and the seasons mount up I often find myself pining a little for homey ski areas – ones with a couple of lifts that work, the semi-regular opportunity to find a little pow and that Cheers attitude where everybody knows your name (or at least act like they want to know your name anyhow).

With that in mind I have put together my list of the best little ski areas in each of the four key destinations. Give ’em a try sometime, even if it’s just tapping one on as part of another trip.

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Whistler: Am I the only one who is a bit meh about it?

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015

I probably should love Whistler. But, like musical reality shows, eggplant and Brisbane – it just doesn’t rock my world. 

Ok, I get the concept. Frequently top-rated ski resort on the planet. A 1.6km vertical drop over two monstrous mountains. Twelve metres of snow in an average season (and talk of 1.2 metres in the next week would you believe). Massive village with every shop and dining option imaginable. Glaciers. Summer riding. Extensive mountain bike terrain. Easy access from a cool city like Vancouver. I’ve probably actually sold you …

Yet I’ve found the place hard to become infatuated with let alone form a meaningful relationship with. Here’s why.

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