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Time to get a snow tattoo. Or not!

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snowboard tattoo

Women: Increasingly likely to snowboard naked

Why put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?

That’s my general opinion when it comes to the tattoo.

Plenty of people who are “making a statement” disagree with me; so perhaps I’m missing out on something.

As I love skiing and if I was to “get some ink” (do the kids even still say this?) as part of a midlife crisis it would make sense to get something snow-related. So I’ve done some research.

I’ve found the best and worst snow tattoos and rated them accordingly, just in case.

Meantime, sharpen your needles local tattoo parlour, when I feel the need to “express my individuality” by doing something 38.5 per cent of the 18-40 year-old western population has got done, I’m coming your way …

Ski lift tattoo

Don’t mind the concept of this tattoo. Personally I’d probably have to go for a t-bar rather than a quad chair as my calves are skinnier than a nordic ski (but at least my calves serve some kind of purpose). Will largely and rather obviously mostly be seen in summer. Not recommended for school teachers who like to wear long socks with their tailored shorts. Score: 7/10


Snow tattoo

Not as dumb as this first looks. That’s right, it’s dumber. I can’t work out why this young man wants to double as a trail marker as clearly he is going to get cold real quick. His other side works far more effectively – it has traffic signs. Score: 2/10

Snow tattoo

While at first this looks some kind of out of control fungal growth you’d get from leaving your ski boots on for a week in a tropical environment, I’m actually warming to this one. Toe ring optional. Score: 6/10

Snow tattoo

I could say I am particularly impressed by these peaks but I simply don’t go for cheap jokes like that. A little less in your face than what’s going on above and probably quite easily done too – by a 12 year-old with a Sharpie. Doubles nicely as incision lines for a future rib operation or any other work north of the mountain tops. Score: 5/10

Snow tattoo

Whose kid left all their textas out today? Very noisy but I kind of like it in a strange way; the attention to detail (right down to the snowboarder in the goggles reflection) ain’t half bad. Nice touch that the main figure is a replica of a resort worker who, as expected, can’t afford any dental work on minimum wage. Score: 6/10


Do love the sense of isolation with this one, though being a snowboarder perhaps that just comes with the territory. While the second tattoo takes away focus, the overall artwork is great, right down to the snow that is pluming off to the left. Oh, my bad, that’s just some skin that’s lost pigmentation. Score: 8/10.


I’m guessing this is Glenn Plake. And if Glenn Plake has this tattoo it would be the ultimate act of narcissism. Still, would be a nice touch. Score: 10/10


Torn on this one. Looks like the kit some obscure European country like Moldova will turn out in at the 2018 Winter Olympics but I admire the mustachioed man’s tuck and sense of derring-do to go without a helmet.  As this inked in 1934 that should probably come as no surprise. Score: 5/10

Flanders tattoo

Seriously – what was this bloke thinking? I’ll take a stab at it being a man as most women generally aren’t this hairy – or silly. A cartoon tattoo of a cartoon character in what will ultimately become a jaded pop culture reference. I’m predicting a hiddily-hoddily to a tattoo removalist in the next five years. Score: 2/10

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