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Whistler: Am I the only one who is a bit meh about it?

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I probably should love Whistler. But, like musical reality shows, eggplant and Brisbane – it just doesn’t rock my world.¬†

Ok, I get the concept. Frequently top-rated ski resort on the planet. A 1.6km vertical drop over two monstrous mountains. Twelve metres of snow in an average season (and talk of 1.2 metres in the next week would you believe). Massive village with every shop and dining option imaginable.¬†Glaciers. Summer riding. Extensive mountain bike terrain. Easy access from a cool city like Vancouver. I’ve probably actually sold you …

Yet I’ve found the place hard to become infatuated with let alone form a meaningful relationship with. Here’s why.


When the snow melts: hidden treasures at ski resorts

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Phones, cash, used nappies, a Rolex, microwaves and even an adult toy – you’d be amazed what’s discovered when the big melt takes place.

“Due to snow now melted my husband has found an Iphone 5c on the grass hill behind the dining area at Blue Cow near the Magic carpet. It still turns on and charges. If you can prove it’s yours by describing the phone case and telling us the picture on the front then we would love to give it back to you.”


Update: Snowboarder Steph claims gymnastics silver

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From Sochi to Rio? Anything looks possible for
Steph Magiros after the Winter Olympian claimed
silver on the vault at the Australian Gymnastics
Championships. Photo: Harry Magiros

After scraping into the vault final at the Australian Gymnastics Championships Steph Magiros has performed superbly to finish second. (more…)

An Australian first ?

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From this:

To this:


No, not a gondola in one of our resorts, a $50 lift pass or an all-male group of 21 year-olds behaving respectfully for an entire week in Niseko … (more…)

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