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Charlotte Pass set for short-term lease extension

Posted by on Oct 19, 2017 in Australia | 0 comments

Charlotte Pass

Charlotte Pass: Photo Charlotte Pass Facebook/Didj Mick Hopkins

With the Charlotte Pass lease set to expire at the end of this month and no official word on what was happening – I thought it was time for a bit of an update.

Our source close to the situation says that instead of a long-term lease being granted at this stage, a six-month one would be put in place.

Apparently a letter from the Office of Environment and Heritage has been circulating claiming CP was very close to getting new a head lease.

“But the big news is all existing leases are going to be given another six month extended lease and that will allow the planners to work out what they can do,” our source said.

“They can’t actually peg out the boundaries though because of all the snow there at the moment!”

“All clubs will have the opportunity to negotiate a new sub lease with the new head lease lessor – who that is is anyone’s guess.”

After some initial suggestions that Vail may be interested in picking up the lease that rumour suddenly went colder than an August morning in Charlotte Pass.

It would seem to leave the incumbent owner,  Kevin Blyton in the box seat to get the extended lease which would come around at the end of April, 2018.

And given the limitations of the last lease – which was just 28 months – you’d have to think it would be substantially longer.

We did here some whispers about a new lift even being in the offing at Charlotte Pass but until a longer-term deal is sorted out it you’d have to think that is quite a way away.

But if the suggestion there’s been some consideration given to a new lift it would also give weight to the fact the longer lease may stay in current hands.

“If you only have a short term lease you are hardly going to put a new lift in,” our source said.

As for what this means for Perisher – we can only assume one thing: more waiting for any other negotiations about them getting a head lease.

You’d probably be aware of the disappointing result from the last negotiations with the NSW Government and National Parks who did not grant a head lease to Perisher (or anyone else for that matter) back in July. It in effect left NPWS as the landlords of the Perisher Range and Vail in no position to do anything more with the resort.

As Steve Cuff at Snowy Mountains Magazine wrote at the time:

“If Perisher were the only interested party, perhaps the NPWS misjudged how much a company would be willing to pay to have the head lease.”

Problem is now any further negotiations for that head lease will probably be some time away as those close to the situation at Perisher indicated they’d wait until the Charlotte Pass situation was resolved before going down that path again.



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