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Falls Creek to get a Superpipe?

Posted by on Jul 28, 2017 in Australia | 0 comments


Falls Creek

It’s a work in progress but with Perisher dropping out of building a Superpipe in Australia, there’s some decent prospects of Falls Creek filling the void.

And who is behind the push? None other than our own Scotty James.

The X Games and two-time world champion is working with his own sponsors (including Falls Creek) to try to make it happen.

We spoke to Scotty back in February and it was all a little hush hush but he gave away a few tidbits that suggested he was keen on getting an Olympic standard ‘pipe off the ground here.

The Snow Gauge spoke with Olympic Winter Institute boss Geoff Lipshut who confirmed they were trying to get it going.

The Ruined Castle are looms as the best place for it and Lipshut said it could be possible within two years.

“I think we could set up a great facility,” Lipshut said.

“(Along with Falls Creek) we would like to support it with federal/AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) funding.”

Scotty James – the man pushing to get a superpipe built in Falls Creek.

With little love from National Parks and ultimately conceding it wasn’t a big enough ticket item for the masses, Perisher essentially put a line through building a ‘pipe earlier this year.

Lipshut countered arguments that it would be an expense that wouldn’t really see a return among the general snowboarding population, saying it could be positioned as the key facility of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

“It’s an ‘if you build it they will come’ scenario I think,” he said.

“You’ll get a lot of riders from around the world coming. New Zealand is pretty crowded and definitely expensive. I think a lot of people would rather be here (in Australia).

“If we don’t get a halfpipe there may not be a next generation of Scotties.”

Watch this space to see if it gets up – and stay tuned in the coming days for an update on the Australian winter athletes with less than 200 days to go before the Pyeongchang Games.


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