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Outrage over ski ad makes me feel outraged

Posted by on Jul 16, 2016 in Australia | 1 comment

Thredbo ad

Hokey and a bit dated maybe. But worth pulling down? We need to find better things to be angry about!

The children. Won’t somebody think of the children!

That was my first thought on reading this ridiculous overreaction to the Toyota ad in Thredbo which has now apparently been pulled because of inherent sexism.

If you missed it, the crux of it was that having dad riding black runs and women on blue runs was demeaning because plenty of females are better than that. Really, who knew!

Overlooked in all this was the assumption in this ad that all kids also only ride green runs. So where was the confected anger on behalf of the children? The chiiilllddreennn!!!

Oddly enough, I for one know plenty of kids who ski above green. My son does and in fact skis faster than me these days. Have we really all become this precious?

Do you think people can’t comprehend the fact that there are women who are great skiers, perhaps better than their partners? Puh-lease. The ad was a little hokey and dated but reactions like this make me wonder if some people are just on the hunt for things to be outraged about.

You want sexism in the ski industry – there are plenty of examples including the long-running Lange boot ads.

Lange ad

Now, this is sexist!

I work in sport and I’d like to think that I mostly get it. But please, can we stick to issues of importance? We should strive to get more coverage for women in sport. We should strive for women to get equal pay in sport. Female reporters should have equal access to change-rooms to report on football matches. Women should not be demeaned because of their sex.

But an ad that suggests a mother would ski a blue run while dad tackles a black – is it worth getting our baselayers tangled up over? (Who knows, dad probably skis that black run like a busted arse while mum majestically links short radius turns on that blue).

I may be in the minority here but the Caroline Wilson incident with Eddie McGuire was another that overplayed the sexism card.

Wilson is a mostly excellent reporter in a sport whose coverage can be pretty tepid. And while McGuire did use the term “black widow” I’d argue that at the core of McGuire’s (and his boofhead mates’) response was fear – not sexism.

Fear of reporters that call him out on his actions and perceived conflicts of interests.

That Wilson is a female reporter should be beside the point in this instance. I’d suggest any reporter with a significant profile that questioned the wisdom of Eddie from time to time would endure much the same treatment.

For the record I was appalled however when Sam Newman dressed up a mannequin with a picture of Wilson’s head on it and groped at it on live television. Clearly that is bringing gender into the equation and making someone feel uncomfortable because of it.

Sam Newman

Sexism 101: Sam Newman belittling Caroline Wilson

But in regards to the Kluger ad I’d suggest people lighten up. Tackle the big issues and tackle what ever colour runs you think you can handle. A silly ad shouldn’t change that.



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  1. Here Here Glenn, I was more offended by the fact the individual complaining couldn’t spell Mum, Mom is not he vernacular one uses in this country!!!!!!

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