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The big snow: all you need to know

Posted by on Jul 10, 2015 in Australia | 0 comments


Antarctic Vortex*, Snownami, Snowmageddon III – the overdue and eagerly awaited third installment to last June/July’s twin features – or just a good ol’ fashion few days of heavy snow.

Call it what you will but it is looking bloody impressive after a season start that had been leaner than a supermodel’s rider.

Read on to have it explained to you in laymen’s terms with some predictions from people far clueier (is that even a word?) in these matters than me.

The story so far

Until late this afternoon around 15cm of snow has fallen in the ski areas of NSW and Victoria. But that really is just a taster. There’ll be a short break before things start to get really interesting.

What’s to come

Most agree some serious snow through ’til next Friday, the majority coming through by Tuesday with some good top ups after that.

Jane’s Weather: “So, this all adds up to 75 to 120 centimetres, from today to next Friday. Enjoy.” Total call: up to 1.2 metres.

Snowatch (The Frog): “The Entrée of the July Snow Mega Meal has arrived in the mountains wetting the appetite for the Main Course that should arrive tomorrow and continue into Monday. Then a Dessert of light snow on and off for most of next week should finish us off nicely.” Total call: up to 90cm.

Mountainwatch (The Grasshopper): Everything is still on track this weekend, the action really begins on Saturday, with blizzard conditions and about 20-30cm of fresh by Sunday morning. A nice south-westerly keeps things cold for the next few days as the low moves into the Tasman. By Monday this low will be spinning its way across to New Zealand, dragging more cold air and moisture up across the south-east. So what kind of totals can we expect? I’m sticking with between 50-70cm from Friday to Tuesday. (And up to another 30cm through to the 16th). Total call: Up to 1 metre.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): Snow through until next Friday. Total call: N/A

Dean Martin … ’cause I can

Why, why, why Delilah

An extensive area of cold air from the south is hitting a large slab of the east coast. The upper air temperatures are below 1000 metres. Combine that with heavy precipitation and you get (or will get as the uppers change) snow down to levels below that mark. And in good quantities. Couple it with the fact it is a slow moving front and you hit the triumvirate: snow, low levels and falling over multiple days.

In other words a skier’s and snowboarder’s white dream.

On a final very serious note it will likely be very chaotic on the roads over this time. Carry chains and know how to fit them or take it easy and take public transport or the ski tube if applicable.

*Coined by Anthony Sharwood at



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