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A fifth Winter Olympics for Lydia Lassila?

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For Lydia Lassila it’s the $8 million question to which she has a simple answer: build a proper water jump facility for snow athletes in Australia and she’ll have a crack at a fifth Winter Olympics.

For those that don’t know, water ramps can be just as key for winter athletes as the snowbound facilities. It is here where they spend their summers (and often parts of their winters) to learn, perform and perfect the tricks they will take to the hills.

A water jump facility was initially slated to be built in east Brisbane but the project was halted in 2013, then Liberal Premier Campbell Newman calling it a “luxury item the people of Queensland simply cannot afford”. The NSW far north coast town of Lennox Head then became a possible home for the site but development plans are still on ice, waiting for funding from the state and federal governments.

Ok, I can hear the guffaws already. I love winter sports and even I have my doubts. But the the two-time Winter Olympic medallist (Vancouver 2010, gold and Sochi 2014 bronze) lays down a case as smooth as her triple-twisting double-somersaults. (more…)

Winter Olympics 2018: Lock it in, Dave

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It was a year and then some after his Sochi silver medal efforts before David Morris realised that he’d really made it.

While Adam Goodes may beg to differ, featuring on Eddie McGuire’s Millionaire Hot Seat was surely the ultimate sign of national acceptance.


Update: Snowboarder Steph claims gymnastics silver

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From Sochi to Rio? Anything looks possible for
Steph Magiros after the Winter Olympian claimed
silver on the vault at the Australian Gymnastics
Championships. Photo: Harry Magiros

After scraping into the vault final at the Australian Gymnastics Championships Steph Magiros has performed superbly to finish second. (more…)

An Australian first ?

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From this:

To this:


No, not a gondola in one of our resorts, a $50 lift pass or an all-male group of 21 year-olds behaving respectfully for an entire week in Niseko … (more…)

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