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The problem with Lindsey Vonn’s butt

Posted by on Sep 14, 2016 in Competition, South America, United States | 3 comments

Lindsey Vonn

Nothing to see here folks – it’s all about the skiing, promise!

I could be the only heterosexual male in the free world to make this observation but I have an issue with Ms Vonn’s seemingly rock-hard, well-toned posterior. And I reckon any hardworking female athlete – in any sport – should too.

In case you missed it on Instagram yesterday, the greatest women’s skier of all time posted a short video of her doing single-leg step downs in Portillo, Chile.

So what?

Well, it was in the pool. Her costume was on the brief side. And as you may gather by the clip (linked later on so you can make your own call), the slow and deliberate movements as her barely-clad derriere rises from the water has some not-so-subtle sexual undertones that’d make Benny Hill proud.

So what?

Well, why does the winner of 76 World Cups and four overall titles – perhaps the most recognisable female athlete in the world next to Serena Williams and Simone Biles right now – feel the need to promote herself this way? And what message does this send to any other athlete of her gender?

So just to get this straight I’m no prude. Lindsey is a great looking woman and has a killer body – but surely this is well beside the point, particularly when you are as good an athlete as she is.

As such I wonder out loud the kind of disservice she is doing to every other female athlete who may a) not be as pretty b) have a bigger arse or c) may simply be uncomfortable with flaunting themselves in that way.

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn. Yes, she skis and is pretty good as it turns out. Pic: @selkophoto/Lindsey Vonn Facebook

There’s been an enormous push in recent years to get women’s sport on a grounding closer to men obviously with the ultimate aim of seeking parity. There’s been numerous stories written in the action sports media by bloggers such as: Snowsbest and Still Stoked.

In Australia we have a national women’s soccer and cricket competition and a soon to start women’s Aussie rules league. The Matildas fought for a better pay deal – and won – and are now beacons for international teams seeking a sustainable living wage for their players.

As I write this news has broken that Australian netballers received a deal to more than double their minimum wage.

Until parity is achieved you get the feeling there’ll always be a semi-nude calendars to raise money for poorly funded women’s sporting teams and athletes like Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke and surfer Alana Blanchard who trade off looks and coquettish shtick more than results.

For Jenneke and Blanchard perhaps there’s a little more empathy – they aren’t currently and will likely never be an athlete of Vonn’s standing and are cashing in while age and gravity are still their friends.

Alana Blanchard

Surfer Alana Blanchard. Perhaps known a little more for her underwear shoots. Pic: Alana Blanchard Facebook

But for Vonn? I’m scratching my head as to why she’s positioning herself as cheap drool tool at this point of her outstanding career.

Make no mistake – her video was done to achieve this result. Completely staged and done very deliberately from that angle (I know – as it turns out I was in that very Chilean pool about two weeks ago), right down to the perfectly positioned Red Bull bottle in the corner (and here’s a word at our sponsor’s – do you guys encourage this?)

And the results went largely as you would probably expect.

It had the 335,000+ views and 1300+ comments which included such gems as:

Von Comments

While I haven’t trawled through Lindsey’s 1000+ posts it was by far the most popular of recent ones and I’d hazard a guess to suggest it may well be most viewed/commented on her feed which has some 838,000 followers.

Yet perhaps when all is said and done this one spoke the loudest:

Von Comments




  1. Drool tool – love your work Glenn! I agree with you. She’s too good an athlete for this. Having said that, she’s never going to be in better shape so perhaps it’s for her own pleasure as much as for her fans.

    • Ha – getting some classic social media bashing on this. Opinions are like butts – everyone has one eh!

      To clarify my points:
      1) Lindsey Vonn is a great athlete
      2) She is pretty and has a fine figure
      3) I am not offended by her Instagram post
      4) But I maintain that posting stuff like that though, broadly speaking, doesn’t do other female athletes any favours. It becomes all about how good Lindsey’s arse is and not a whole lot about the sport. You just have to look at the tenor of the responses to her post to get that confirmed.

  2. “What does this have to do with skiing?”

    Actually nothing and because off that should “her exercising” be looked down on, or critiqued because people think she is a champion who may be degrading herself and her achievements?

    Even if this was a publicity stunt , it achieved its goals, it got people taking about the video. Either way Some one earned their money.

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