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Rossignol giveaway – the travel gear you need

Posted by on Jul 18, 2016 in Giveaway | 0 comments

Rossi gear

We’ve had the flights, punched out a bit of technical gear over the last month so- now for something completely different.

This week our good friends at Rossignol have provided us with a travel pack that includes a brief case boot bag and wheelie bag.

It’s as simple as subscribing to win at The Snow Gauge.

And of course you should share and tell all your friends about it too.

What I like about the Rossignol bootbag is it’s in the backpack style – meaning it’s nice and easy to get on the plane as hand luggage (assuming they don’t weight 19 kg). As wise man once said to me there’s no such thing as a comfortable pair of skis so it pays to get your boots to your destination with you.

The wheelie bag is (apologies in advance) wheelie good too. At a 190cm, it is generously proportioned for most skis and boards.

And being Rossignol you know it’s the goods. Rossi has played a pretty significant part in my ski life – the first pair of planks I ever bought where a pair or Rossignol DV6s, resplendent in their 205cm glory.

Rossignol DV6

Remember these – Rossi Dv6s!

I remembered the pangs of petty jealousy as a number of my better credentialed ski companions had the DV8s. Bastards.

My next major purchase later in the 90s was a pair of Bandits which served me well for a number of years.

Rossi Bandit X

Then there was these bad boys …

I flitted off with a few other brands but in recent years came back to Rossi and the Soul 7.  Save for sheet ice piste days they are a remarkable multi-purpose ski.

They’ll get you through the pow while allowing for a few rider input errors, smash through chowder and anything a bit funky and are more fun than listening to Kyle Sandilands with the volume off.

Rossignol Soul 7

And now you are Soul …

Rossignol is part of the Phoenix Leisure Group in Australia and they deal in a whole swag of adventure brands such as Black Wolf Keen and Vigilante.

As always prize is decided last thing on Sunday night before I sleep away the pain of another day likely not down the snow. Winner is published in the Monday newsletter.



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