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Putting it on the table

Posted by on May 15, 2015 in Australia, New Zealand | 1 comment


Treble Cone Snowfall (14 May 2015)

Treble Cone, NZ has already had 55cm of snow. Saddle up! (Pic: Treble Cone)

A good place to start – in so many ways and on so many levels. After years of writing about an industry that has at times enlightened, occasionally frustrated but invariably enveloped I’ve finally decided to get my thoughts together on my own blog.

As I write this snow flakes are well and truly stacking up in the Snowy Mountains and NZ so perhaps my timing isn’t as clumsy as it initially sounds. Skiing started for me back in 1988 on a school trip to the Marist Brothers lodge at Carinya, not too far from the Station Resort at Jindabyne.

In subsequent years I realised that when in snow accommodation you’ll invariably sweat like a gypsy with a mortgage (thank you Honey Badger). But Christ on a bike Carinya was one cold hell hole.

My friends and I would pinch cigarettes and sneak booze to numb the pain from the numbness of the cold. Or something like that. Anyway, what could have been a disaster became an endearment.

Twenty seven years on I am still skiing and in between time even edited a magazine about it, travelled the world because of it and worked at four Winter Olympic Games thanks to it. I have been truly blessed. This blog will be extension of those blessings.

There’ll be musings, pictures and videos and the odd warm turn of phrase. With deals like the Vail Resorts buyout of Perisher it is a fascinating time to be Australian and involved in the industry. In part it’s the potential of such things that has piqued my interest again.

There’ll be news, a bit of gear talk from time and links to my winter column through Australian Associated Press (AAP). But don’t expect a total love in. I have been around long enough to make some tough calls so expect some honesty in reporting on these pages.

People pay plenty of good money to hit the slopes so I’d feel embarrassed by playing the total fanboy. Much like the first time when I went skiing I’m not sure where I’ll end up here but I guarantee it won’t be dull, so please join me.

Glenn Cullen aka “The Snow Gauge”


1 Comment

  1. being from Brisbane, how to get to the snow(easily flying), often determines where we go.

    Used to ski Australia a lot, but now it’s so bloody hard to get to NSW & Victorian resorts(Falls & Hotham).

    For those not from SE Qld will explain.

    Flew to Hotham airport few times via Sydney (even used Qantas frequent flyer points once). Commercial air services to Hotham ended in 2013. Before than flights Melbourne to Hotham ended around 2007. (decisions by Qantas-apparently a previous Qantas chairman may have influenced the decision to fly to Hotham in the 1st place)

    Flew to Cooma lots of time. Again, commercial flights ended 2013, so now, have to fly into Canberra, but both Qantas & virgin have reduced capacity into Canberra on weekends, so cheaper & ff tickets are harder to come by.

    Luckily flights to Queenstown have increased dramatically & Brisbane to Dunedin is usually very cheap.

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